About STS

UBC offers coursework leading to either an MA in STS, or an MA or PhD with an STS research specialization in English, History, and Philosophy. Other departments at UBC, such as Sociology, are currently in the process of adding the STS research specialization. STS students at UBC can choose from a wide variety of courses that bear on the conceptual foundations, practices, institutions, social significance, and values of science and technology. Designed to give students opportunities to develop their understanding of the roles of science and technology in the contemporary world, our graduates work in fields such as science and technology policy, science journalism and communication, or curatorial positions in science and technology museums. Our MA graduates also pursue further studies in a Ph.D. program; recent graduates have gone on to York, Cornell, Harvard, and Cambridge.

UBC is especially strong in history and philosophy of science and technology; rhetoric and communication of science and technology; science, technology and values; and science and technology policy. In addition to these opportunities, the STS Colloquium features prominent scholars from around the world (e.g., Stephen Shapin, Bruno Latour, Lorraine Daston, Isabelle Stengers, and many more; see “Colloquium and Events” in the navigation bar).

UBC is a world-class educational and research institution, located in one of the world’s great cosmopolitan cities, Vancouver, British Columbia. We enjoy a vibrant arts and cultural scene, in a beautiful ocean and mountain setting, with a temperate climate. Vancouver is on Canada’s Pacific Coast, just north of the Canada-US border (two and a half hours from Seattle).