STS MA Student Profiles

Class of 2016

Andrew Jones
My name is Andrew Jones, I am an MA student in the department of Philosophy, specializing in STS. My research interests involve the relationship between the mind sciences and philosophy of mind. I am also interested in looking at the history of our current scientific view of the brain/mind to see what led to the understanding of the mind that we now have. My other areas of interest are philosophy of science and history of science. In my spare time I enjoy skateboarding, Mongolian Grill, and 90s sitcoms.

Stefano Pantaleone
Stefano works full-time in the Awards Development Unit, within UBC Development and Alumni Engagement. He has a Law degree and has already completed a Master’s in International Studies in Italy. His area of interest is the relationship between the human and the non-human in an attempt to think critically about the concept of agency, especially in the context of property law. He has too many “other” areas of interests to list them, but only one big passion: his wife and his one-year-old baby.

Joey Takeda
Joey is an MA student in the English department. He completed his BA in English at the University of Victoria and works as a Junior Programmer and consultant for The Map of Early Modern London. His research interests include Indigenous and diasporic literatures written in “North America,” critical theory (affect theory, new materialism, and media theory), gender, race, and social justice, and the digital humanities. His current research project investigates the entanglement of Indigenous and diasporic life, land, and labour in relation to uranium mining and the atomic bomb.

Kejia Wang
Kejia Wang (王可嘉) is currently an MA student in the department of English Literature, specializing in STS. She received her undergraduate degree in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests involve the rhetoric of medicine (with a focus on health and pharmaceuticals) as well as the portrayal and use of pharmaceuticals in Victorian and contemporary fiction. She is especially interested in interdisciplinary research. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, playing video games, and hunting Pokemon.

Gen Cruz
Gen Cruz is currently pursuing an MA in history – she is interested in historical surrounding the Marine Coral Triangle and the coastal areas of BC. Prior to being on the STS program, Gen completed a Masters in Journalism with the UBC School of Journalism. She is also the current President of the Graduate Student Society.

Amber Ho
Amber is an MA student in the English department. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at UBC, where she majored in English Language with a minor in Health and Society. She’s interested in the rhetoric of health and science, more specifically, the controversial public health issue of physician-assisted suicide. When she isn’t studying, she’s watching Netflix, playing soccer, or getting bubble tea with friends.

Katie Powell
Katie Powell is an MA student in the History Department where she also completed her undergraduate degree. Her research interests include the history of science and medicine in the nineteenth century, particularly the relationship between natural landscapes, build environments, and the early treatment of mental illness in Britain. She is also interested in public history, museology, and digital collections and works as a photographer in her spare time.

Class of 2015

Michael Hare

Michael comes to STS by way of a BSc in Biology (UBC, 2013). His areas of interest range from Philosophy and History to Literature and Sociology. Although thesis as of yet undecided, he is concerned with public perceptions of what science is and how it functions, the overlap between scientific and literary writing, the strengths and potential limitations of STS and how it will grow as a discipline given the ever more asymptotic surge of technologies in the 21st century .

Yu Jia
YU Jia (余 佳) joined the STS graduate program at UBC in September 2015. She received her undergraduate degree in Traffic Engineering from Tongji University (Shanghai), and her master degree in History of Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing). Her earlier works focus on the teaching practice of the discipline of psychology in the early PRC period (1949-1966). She is broadly interested in exploring the historical significance of human sciences, especially in the sprouting, hybrid, and nationalistic understanding and activity of science, medicine, and disease in late imperial and modern Chinese society. She is learning German and Manchu at a beginner’s level. In her spare time, she likes gardening, cycling, and playing with sudoku puzzles.

Class of 2014

Sharon Doucet

Sharon comes to STS after receiving a BA in English Literature from UBC. She works full-time as an Instructional Designer for the Office of Faculty Development in UBC’s Faculty of Medicine as she pursues a Masters in STS. She is passionate about technology and researching how we can use technology to improve learning, especially in the field of medical education. When she is not playing with educational technologies at work or reading STS literature, Sharon enjoys hiking with her Welsh Corgi, Simon.

Jordan Howell

Thesis title: “How thinking became work: the mental work problem in nineteenth-century Europe
Supervisor: Robert Brain
Jordan is now pursuing a PhD in History of Science at Harvard University.

Class of 2013

Warren Bowen

Thesis title: “A Grammar of Animals: Dramatism, Experimental Animals, and the Narrative of Biomedical Progress”
Supervisor: Ian Hill

Shoshana Deutsh
Thesis title: “‘No Science, No Democracy’: Environmental Knowledge and Scientific Activism in Canada
Supervisor: John Beatty
Shoshana is now pursuing a PhD in STS at Cornell University.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Thesis Title: “Magna Mater: Women and Eugenic Thought in the Work of H.P. Lovecraft
Supervisor: Margery Fee

Class of 2012

Alexis Beckett

Thesis title: “Vlogging from the War Zone: Muhammed Nabbous and International Citizen Journalism in Libya

Peggy Chiapetta
Thesis title: “Knowledge Translation in Action: Cancer Biology and Systems Pharmacology at the National Center for Advancing Translational Science
Supervisor: John Beatty
Peggy is now pursuing a PhD in STS at York University.

Lee Nelson
Thesis title: “Bourdieu and Latour in STS: ‘Let’s Leave Aside All the Facts for A While‘”
Supervisor: Stephen Petrina

Josef Garen
Thesis title: “The Trouble with Neurodiversity: Etiologies, Normativity, and the Autistic Struggle for Identity
Supervisor: Alan Richardson