Jan. 24 STS Colloquium Sara Press


Pre-circulated paper provided by Sara Press can be downloaded from here: Ayahuasca on Trial



Sara Press (English)
My research in postcolonial theory is grounded in an exploration of ecocriticism as a posthumanist alternative to prevailing humanist discourses within cosmopolitan thought. Cosmopolitanism is intrinsically problematic, since it is rooted in a humanism that privileges certain individuals as more human than others, and neglects the agency of nonhumans. Building on the idea that racism, classism, and sexism are interconnected byproducts of colonial oppression, I incorporate environmental abuse into a re-reading of historically overlooked inequalities in order to recuperate the subjectivity of all subjugated bodies in the human, animal and natural world. Exploring the relationships between these overlapping geographies has led to my interest in psychogeography and spatial theory, as I question cartographic knowledge and the problematic nature of colonial mapping.