2018/19 Winter Session


All STS students in the MA program and in the PhD streams must register for STS 501, 502, and 597/598.

The following courses will all carry STS credit in the 2018/19 academic year. This list is not exhaustive—any other course may count for STS credits with the approval of your supervisor and the STS program director.

STS Core Courses
STS 501— Proseminar in Science and Technology Studies – Term 1
STS 502—Sociology of Knowledge and Culture – Term 2
STS 597/598 Colloquium in Science and Technology Studies – Term 1-2
STS Related Courses Taught by STS Affiliated Faculty
SPPH 581T 001 (Seminar) Ethics of Evidence-Based Medicine and Public Health – Term 1
ENGL 509A 001 (Seminar) The Rhetoric of Pain – Term 2
ENGL 530A 001 (Seminar) Studies in the Romantic Period – Term 2
ENGL 561A 001 (Seminar) Technology and Literature in Victorian and Early-Modernist British Fiction – Term 1
Undergraduate Courses
PHIL 469 001 Topics in Philosophy of Science – Term 1 (Cross-listed with ANTH 495B 001: Advanced Studies in
PHIL 461 Philosophy of Social Science – Term 2