Dr. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young


Geoffrey Winthrop-Young’s (CENES) research focuses on media theory and archaeology, posthumanism, biological models of social evolution, Science Fiction, and science and culture in the Third Reich.

Projects for 2015/16:

  • commissioned paper on entomology in the Third Reich 
  • “Catastrophes, Ruptures, Recursions: War, Paleontology and the Autonomy of Technology” (for Theory, Culture & Society special on “The End of the War: the Half-Life of the Avantgarde”)
  • a paper on H.P. Lovecraft and/as German media archaeology
  • “Timely Matters:: A Story of Media at Odds with History.” A paper on the changing constructions of history and media technology in Claude Lévi-Strauss, Fernand Braudel, Michel Foucault, Friedrich Kittler and Wolfgang Ernst (completed)
  • Keynote address at Oswald Spengler conference at Leuphana University, Lüneburg. 

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
Professor (M.A. University of Freiburg, Ph.D. University of British Columbia)
Office: Buchanan Tower 227
Email: winthrop@interchange.ubc.ca
Website: http://cenes.ubc.ca/people/geoffrey-winthrop-young/

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