STS 502: Public Understanding of Science

Instructors: Alan Richardson
Section: 001
Term: 2
Meets: Mondays 2:00-5:00pm

This course will be a community-based learning course in which we bring readings on the public understanding of science to bear in places in the Vancouver area in which public presentation of science takes place. We will visit sites on UBC campus such as the Museum of Anthropology, the Beatty Biodiversity Museum, Project Seahorse, and “The Story of Medicines” exhibit at the Pharmacy Building; we will also visit Science World, Stanley Park’s nature conservancy people, and others. We will work with community partners in an effort to answer “What should the educated citizen in 2015 know about science and technology, and how can STS engage with public and private institutions to help them know it?” Readings from authors including Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch, Heather Douglas, Sheila Jasanoff, Bruno Latour, Naomi Oreskes, Robert Proctor, Steven Shapin, Alison Wylie, Brian Wynne.

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