STS 598A: Doctoral Colloquium in Science and Technology Studies

Instructor: TBA
Section: 001
Term: 1+2
Meets: Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm

This course plays a critical role in the STS Graduate Program and is designed to provide students from various backgrounds with a critical understanding of the concepts and methodologies central to the study of science and technology from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences.

A colloquium series is held bi-weekly throughout the Winter Session and provides students with access to contemporary research in STS in the form of lectures by visiting scholars or by faculty at UBC. It also provides a forum for advanced student presentations of their work in progress. The colloquium is a year long course required for all first-year and second-year PhD students in the STS Program. PhD students beyond the second year are not permitted to take STS 597 or 598 for credit, but they are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the colloquium. Students will be evaluated by their attendance and participation at events, through a journal of responses to the talks (responses keyed to the question “what does this talk tell me about STS and what does STS tell me about this talk?”), and through written responses to scholarly works read in advance of the visits. Grading is on a Pass/Fail scheme.

Students will become familiar with a wide range of on-going topics in STS through engagement with leading scholars in the field and with contemporary works written by such scholars. They will become familiar with the professional life of the STS scholar.