April 11: 2019-20 Graduate Colloquium

April 11, 4pm-6:30pm in Buchanan Tower 1197

4:00pm Heidi Rennert, “Cycling, Print Culture, and Aesthetics in Late-Victorian England”
4:20pm Leo Chia Li Chu, “Planning for Socio-Ecological Systems: Simulation, Environmental Management, and the Development of the Resilience Concept in British Columbia, 1970-79”
4:40pm Emma Riek, “Chronic Pain and Rhetoric: An Analysis of One Public Talk”
5:00pm Stephen Johnson, “Stories and Laboratories: Bellamy’s Utopian Fiction and Actor-Network Theory”
5:20pm Ata Heshmati, ‘Science under Theocracy: From Iran’s Cultural Revolution to the Islamic Technoscience (1980-1988)’
5:40pm Kylie Young, “Nature as Mother and Lover: Southern Oregon’s Lesbian Separatist Communities, 1970-1990″
6:00pm Reed Clements, “Can the World Be a Scientist?: Towards a Posthuman STS”