Trevor Barnes

Professor and Distinguished University Scholar (B.Sc. University College, London, Ph.D. University of Minnesota)
Office: 1984 West Mall, Room 140C
Telephone: 604-822-5804

Luke Bergmann

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (B.S. Duke; M.A., Ph.D. Minnesota)
Office: Geography 215C

I am a geographer interested in how and why the mainstreams of GIS and the digitization of geographical and cartographic understandings have developed in the manners that they have. I am equally interested in how alternative forms of geographical computation have emerged and will emerge, given other theoretical commitments and other social alliances. Across such approaches, what are the range of worlds that are possible to engage computationally and enact? What is at stake when worlds are represented as contained self-sufficient objects indexed within space as opposed to when phenomena (and spaces) emerge out of processes and relations? I examine these questions theoretically, historically, and concretely in engagements within particular fields of inquiry, including: geographical political economy, nature-society relations, globalization, critical physical geography, and the evolution and emergence of disease.

Jessica Wang

Professor (B.A. Cornell, Ph.D. MIT)
Office: GEOG 140E
Telephone: (604) 822-6155

Mohammed Rafi Arefin

Assistant Professor (B.A. University of California Berkeley, MA University of Arizona, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Office: GEOG 123
Telephone: (604) 827-5186