The STS Graduate Program is designed to give students opportunities to develop their understanding of the roles of science and technology in the contemporary world, to work in fields such as science and technology policy, science journalism and communication, or curatorial positions in science and technology museums, and to pursue university positions.

The STS Program offers a stand-alone MA, as well as STS research specializations at both MA and PhD levels within participating departments. Currently these departments are English, History, Geography, and Philosophy.

The MA and PhD programs are well-integrated with one another. The research emphasis structure assures that both our MA and PhD graduates are disciplinarily grounded and prepared for trans- and interdisciplinary research. For PhD students, this model maximizes employment opportunities in both STS programs and the individual disciplines inside the academy, allowing students to reap the intellectual benefits of STS while maintaining a disciplinary base for the purposes of academic placement.

Students who are coming into STS from the sciences, the applied sciences, or other similar professions might consider entering our stand-alone MA program. This would offer a firm introduction to STS as well as the opportunity to take further courses in the humanities and social sciences.