Dr. Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson (Philosophy) works on the relations of history of philosophy and history of science in the era since Kant.  He is currently writing a book that uses resources from STS to illuminate the history of the “scientific philosophy” of logical positivism and its lingering effects on the research organization of academic philosophy to the present day.

  • “Ernst Cassirer and Michael Friedman: Kantian or Hegelian Dynamics of Reason?” Synthesis and the Growth of Knowledge. Ed. Michael Dickson and Mary Domski. Chicago: The Open Court, 2010.  279-294.
  • “Scientific Philosophy as a Topic for History of Science.” Isis. 99.1 (2008): 88 – 96.
  • “Philosophy of Science in America.” Oxford Handbook of American Philosophy. Ed. Cheryl Misak. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. 339-374.

Alan Richardson, Department of Philosophy
Professor and Distinguished University Scholar (B.A. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago)
Office: Buchanan E361
Telephone: (604) 822-3967
Email: alanr@mail.ubc.ca
Website: http://faculty.arts.ubc.ca/arichardson/


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