Dr. Candis Callison

Candis Callison’s (School of Journalism) research and teaching are focused on changes to media practices and platforms, journalism ethics, the role of social movements in public discourse, and understanding how issues related to science and technology become meaningful for diverse publics. Candis’ new book, How Climate Change Comes to Matter: The Communal Life of Facts (Duke University Press, 2014) uses ethnographic methods and a comparative lens to bring together the work of science journalists, scientists, and three distinct social groups that are outside environmental movement and policy frameworks in an American context. Building in part on this research, Candis was recently awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant to look at changes to professional norms, practices and standards for Canadian Arctic journalists working in an era of environmental change and global audiences. She will be launching a blog about this research soon.


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Candis Callison, School of Journalism
Associate Professor (M.Sc., Ph.D. MIT)
Office: Room 203
Telephone: 604-822-9792
Email: candis.callison@ubc.ca
Website: http://www.journalism.ubc.ca/faculty/callison_bio/

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