Dr. Margaret Schabas

Margaret Schabas (Philosophy) has broad interests in STS but her primary area of research is the History and Philosophy of Economics, particularly the scientific standing of economics and the extent to which it intersects with the other natural and social sciences.

  • “Constructing ‘The Economy’,” Philosophy of the Social Sciences 39.1 (March 2009): 3-19.
  • “Nature Does Nothing in Vain,” Daedalus 137 (Spring 2008): 71-79.
  • “Hume’s Monetary Thought Experiments,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 39.3 (Fall 2008): 161-169.

Margaret Schabas, Department of Philosophy
Professor (B.Sc., A.M. Indiana University, M.A. University of Michigan, Ph.D. University of Toronto)
Office: Buchanan E358
Telephone: (604) 822-2820
Email: mschabas@interchange.ubc.ca
Website: http://faculty.arts.ubc.ca/mschabas/


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