October 13, 2022 “Objectivity, Trust, and Reliance,” Inkeri Koskinen

Thursday October 13, 2022. 5:00 PM (BUTO 1112)

Inkeri Koskinen

University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland Research Fellow in Practical Philosophy, visiting post-doctoral fellow at UBC


Objectivity, Trust, and Reliance

Can the notion and the normative ideal of objectivity be salvaged? It has faced harsh criticism from philosophers of science, and those who have defended it identify a great many different meanings of objectivity; it is not only contested, but also extremely complex conceptually. Some suggest that we should simply abandon it, but it is widely used in public discourse and often cited as one of the main reasons for according science an epistemically authoritative position. The aim of my 5-year project is to provide a satisfactory understanding of what it means for something to be objective.