STS 502: Feminist Science Studies

Instructor: Adam Frank
Section: 001
Term: 2
Meets: Mondays 2:00-5:00pm

This seminar will serve to introduce graduate students to work done in the area of feminist science studies in the past thirty years, beginning with scholars such as Evelyn Fox Keller, Donna Haraway, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Sandra Harding before moving to more recent work by Elizabeth Grosz, Elizabeth Wilson, and others. The course will likely include literary texts (for examples, Ursula Leguin, Mary Shelley, Gertrude Stein) and (possibly) film texts that thematize relations between women and scientific knowledge, or “nature” and femininities; it may also involve case studies of specific scientists (Marie Curie, Melanie Klein, Margaret Mead) and/or case studies of specific scientific fields (physics, anthropology, psychology).