STS Colloquium: Jonathan Elmer February 25

Feb 25 at 4pm, Jonathan Elmer, Professor, Department of English; Director, College Arts and Humanities Institute, Indiana University. “Poe’s Ear.”

jonathan elmer slide show

Poe is famously focused on sensation in his work, but in his poetry, tales, and philosophico-aesthetic writing sound has a special significance. This paper analyzes three modalities of sonic action in Poe’s work—capture, release, and passage through—in order to excavate a version of Poe’s poetics, one that took foundational romantic tropes and rendered them inhuman, at once cosmic and machinic, ultimately available for remediation as his Romantic precursors are not. I will also examine such media disturbances in examples of visual and musical treatments of Poe.

Thursday, February 25, at 4pm in BuTo 1197.