STS Colloquium Schedule

STS Colloquium 2018-19

All sessions to be held on Thursdays, from 5-6:30pm in Rm 1197 unless otherwise indicated.

September 20

JD Fleming

Simon Fraser University
“’The more Navigation increaseth’: Sir Francis Bacon’s idea of discovery and the origins of scientific naturalism”
Co-Sponsored by Early Modern Studies Cluster

September 27

Nancy Tuana

Pennsylvania State University
“Bringing Values to Science: Climate Change Decision Support Science”
Sponsored by the Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics & STS
*Prof. Tuana will also participate in a grad student coffee meet-and-greet, and will speak in the Philosophy Colloquium the following day.

October 25

Michael Wintroub

University of California, Berkeley
“A Balance of Trust: Hostages, Stars, Bonnets and Beads on a sixteenth century voyage of discovery”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department and Early Modern Studies

November 6* (Tuesday)

Mi Gyung Kim

North Carolina State University
“A People-Machine: Visualizing the Nation in Revolutionary France”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department, and Early Modern Studies Cluster

November 22

T’ai Smith

University of British Columbia
“Notes Toward a History and Theory of the Trend”

Term II

January 3

Jaipreet Virdi

University of Delaware
“Therapeutic Gadgetry: Curing Deafness with Electricity”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department

January 14

Alice Christensen

University of British Columbia
“Indoor Heating and Experiments in Narration around 1900”

January 31

Kyle Powys-Whyte

Michigan State University
Title: TBA
Co-Sponsored by the Indigenous/Science Collective and Prof. Alison Wylie
*Prof. Powys-Whyte will lead a special seminar with the Indigenous/Science Collective the following day.

February 7

Steven Straker Memorial Lecture
Sergio Sismondo

Queen’s University
Title: TBA
Location: TBA

February 28

Renisa Mawani

University of British Columbia
Title: TBA

March 21

Mary Terrall

University of California, Los Angeles
“Indigo Trials and Tribulations: Michel Adanson’s Encounter with Africa”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department, Early Modern Studies Group, and the Department of French, Italian, and Spanish

April 2

STS Graduate Student Colloquium