STS Colloquium Schedule

STS Colloquium 2018-19

All sessions to be held on Thursdays, from 5-6:30pm in Buchanan Tower (Rm 1197) unless otherwise indicated.

September 20

JD Fleming

Simon Fraser University
“’The more Navigation increaseth’: Sir Francis Bacon’s idea of discovery and the origins of scientific naturalism”
Co-Sponsored by Early Modern Studies Cluster

September 27

Nancy Tuana

Pennsylvania State University
“Bringing Values to Science: Climate Change Decision Support Science”
Sponsored by the Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics & STS
*Prof. Tuana will also participate in a grad student coffee meet-and-greet, and will speak in the Philosophy Colloquium the following day.

October 25

Michael Wintroub

University of California, Berkeley
“A Balance of Trust: Hostages, Stars, Bonnets and Beads on a sixteenth century voyage of discovery”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department and Early Modern Studies

November 6* (Tuesday)

Mi Gyung Kim

North Carolina State University
“A People-Machine: Visualizing the Nation in Revolutionary France”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department, and Early Modern Studies Cluster

November 22

T’ai Smith

University of British Columbia
“Notes Toward a History and Theory of the Trend”

December 4* (Tuesday)

Andrea Tone

McGill University
“Dangerous Drugs: Doctors, Pain and the Politics of Blame”

Term II

January 3

Jaipreet Virdi

University of Delaware
“Therapeutic Gadgetry: Curing Deafness with Electricity”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department

January 14

Alice Christensen

University of British Columbia
“Indoor Heating and Experiments in Narration around 1900”

January 31

Kyle Powys-Whyte

Michigan State University
“Indigenous Climate Change Studies: Decolonizing Justice, Science and the Anthropocene”
Co-Sponsored by the Indigenous/Science Collective and Prof. Alison Wylie
*Prof. Powys-Whyte will lead a special seminar with the Indigenous/Science Collective the following day.

February 7

Steven Straker Memorial Lecture
Sergio Sismondo

Queen’s University
“Big Pharma’s Invisible Hands”
Location: Buchanan A104

February 28

Renisa Mawani

University of British Columbia
“Across Oceans of Law”

March 7

Heidi Grasswick

Middlebury College
“In Science we Trust – Or Not! Analyzing Lay-expert Trust Relations through an Epistemic Lens”

March 14

Andrea Westermann

German Historical Institute
“Earth matters. How European geology around 1900 grappled with making the human and terrestrial scales commensurate”

March 21

Fabiano Bracht

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
“On the rhythm of the monsoons: Medicine, pharmacy, natural history and knowledge production in 18th Century Portuguese India”
Co-sponsored by the Early Modern Studies Cluster and UBC History

March 28

Mary Terrall

University of California, Los Angeles
“Indigo Trials and Tribulations: Michel Adanson’s Encounter with Africa”
Co-Sponsored by the History Department, Early Modern Studies Group, and the Department of French, Italian, and Spanish

April 11

STS Graduate Student Colloquium

April 16

Mathias Møllebæk

University of Copenhagen
“Tracing medical risk rhetoric from regulatory database to clinical judgment– an interview and protocol study”