Dr. Thomas Kemple

Thomas Kemple (Sociology) studies the history of the social sciences with a focus on their intermediate status between the natural sciences and the humanities. His early work on the literary and scientific imagination of Marx’s studies of political economy has been followed by an investigation into Max Weber’s interpretive sociology of science, art, and politics and Georg Simmel’s sociological metaphysics of the tragedy of technological culture.

  • “The Sociological Imagination and its Imperial Shadows.” Co-authored with Renisa Mawani. Theory, Culture & Society 26 (7-8) 2009: 228-249.
  • “Weber / Simmel / Du Bois: Musical Thirds of Classical Sociology.” Journal of Classical Sociology 9 (2) 2009: 183-203.
  • “Allosociality: An Introduction to Simmel’s Social Theory of the Limit’. Theory, Culture & Society (Annual Review) 24 (7-8) 2007: 1-19.

Thomas Kemple, Department of Sociology
Associate Professor (Ph.D. York)
Office: AnSo 2211
Telephone: (604) 822-3579
Email: kemple@interchange.ubc.ca
Website: http://www.soci.ubc.ca/index.php?id=11324

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