Ataollah Heshmati2021MASTSIslamic technoscience : machines, politics, and gender in Iran's cultural revolution (1980-1983)
Chia Li (Leo) Chu2020MASTSSimulating the nature of cities : ecology, planning, and systems science in the Inter-Institutional Policy Simulator (IIPS) project, 1970-1974
Sharon Doucet2018MASTSRedistributing the teacher : an analysis of technology enabled teaching in medical education
Jia Yu2018MASTSA periodical for a science : Xinli and psychological knowledge in Republican China 1922-1927
Warren Bowen2016MASTSA grammar of animals : dramatism, animal experimentation, and the narrative of biomedical progress
Jordan Howell2016MASTSHow thinking became work : the mental work problem in nineteenth-century Europe
Sylvia Moreno-Garica2016MASTSMagna Mater : women and eugenic thought in the work of H.P. Lovecraft
Shoshana Deutsh2015MASTSNo science, no democracy : environmental knowledge and scientific activism in Canada
Margaret Chiappetta2014MASTSKnowledge translation in action : cancer biology and systems pharmacology at the National Center for Advancing Translational Science
Josef Garen2014MASTSThe trouble with neurodiversity : etiologies, normativity, and the autistic struggle for identity
Lee Nelson2014MASTSBourdieu and Latour in STS : "Let's leave aside all the facts for a while"
Amanda (Alexis) Beckett2013MASTSVlogging from the war zone : Mohammed Nabbous and international citizen journalism in Libya


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Adrian Lou2021PhDENGL
Kejia Wang2021MAENGL
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Loren Gaudet2020PhDENGL
Loren Gaudet2020PhDENGL
Alice Wang2019MAArts History
Eric M. Johnson2019PhDHIST
Kylie M Young2019MAHIST
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